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Is solar right for you

From both a financial and an environmentally conscious perspective solar is a very sound investment. In order to benefit from solar PV your home must meet a certain criteria. It needs to have a south facing roof with enough space to fit a solar PV system, and ideally it will be completely free from shade. Solar panels naturally need sunlight to work therefore any shading will reduce the output of the panels to a certain degree.

All our solar systems are professionally fitted and most installations will take between one and two days to complete. A scaffolding tower will have to be erected to gain access to the roof and work area. This will ordinarily take around two hours.

For most domestic dwelling roofs the installation of Solar panels is usually considered as a permitted development, for which planning permission is not required. If however, you live in a listed building or in a conservation area you should contact your local planning department for confirmation.

All the panels come with up to 12 year guarantee offering you complete peace of mind about the lifespan. It is also completely noise free and there are no moving parts. You may also be surprised to learn that even on an all too familiar cloudy day we receive enough energy from indirect sunlight to generate electricity. To summarise, an installation in the UK can generate the majority of, if not all of their daily requirements

If you would like further information or would like to speak with an installer directly please feel free to use our Installer Directory to find a Solar PV Installer near you!

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