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Black Plastic Cable Tie 300mm X 4.8mm (pack of 100)

Plastic cable tie Black CT300/48B
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M6 Nut for M6 Screw (pack of 100)

The GSE GROUND SYSTEM has been designed to allow the installation of 95% of photovoltaic modules on the ground. Alternative to roof installations (lack of space, old roof, etc.).
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M6 Screw w/ flange – corner fix

M6 Screw and washer - corner fix (pack of 100)
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Renusol FS10 M8 Washer/100

Keywords: REN900054, Renusol, PV Mounting, Flat Roof
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Spax Hi.Force T-Star Plus T30 6.0mm x 80mm A2 Stainless Steel (Pack of 100)

Special Features:
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Wood screw pan head 6 x 80 SIT30 Single (900318) (Pack of 100)

Wood screw pan head 6mm x 80mm SIT30
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Wood screw slated tiles countersunk 6 x 80, pack of 100

Wood screw slated tiles: REN-900013, pack of 100
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