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VO4 Home | Voltage Optimisation

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VO4 Home | Voltage Optimisation

Installing a VO4 HOME voltage optimisation system in your home reduces wear and tear on household appliances caused by electrical over supply and power surges. It can also save money on electricity bills by between £130-£200 per year.

The VO4 HOME domestic voltage optimisation system will also improve the energy efficiency of your home by optimizing the voltage output to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and save money on electricity bills.

Most electrical equipment manufactured for Europe and the UK is rated at 220V and may indeed operate at an even lower voltage. The average incoming voltage to a home from the National Grid is 242V (although it can be as high as 253V).

There is nothing to be gained by operating equipment at a voltage higher than it was designed for; quite the contrary as over-voltage will significantly reduce the life expectancy of most household appliances. 

The VO4 HOME voltage optimisation system optimises the whole home which leads to bigger savings than optimisers that work on selected circuits. The system is easily installed with a simple 2 wires in and 2 wires out installation that does not require you having to change your consumer unit to use VO4 HOME.


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