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Elster Residential Electrical Generation Meter A100C U Solar Shop UK

Elster 1-ph generation meter A100C, 100A (1000 pulse/kWh)

Single Phase kWh meter with digital display
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Elster three phase electrical generation meter U Solar Shop UK

Elster A1100 3 Phase Generation Meter

Elster A1100 3 Phase Generation Meter The A1100 is an electronic polyphase meter for domestic, commercial and light industrial direct
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Emlite 1-ph Bi-Directional generation meter 100A (1000 pulse/kWh) incl. Cover

Emlite Single Phase Bi-Directional (Import/Export) Total Generation Meter 100A with Pulse Output
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Emlite 1-ph generation meter 100A (1000 pulse/kWh) incl. Cover

Emlite Single Phase Total Generation Meter 100A with Pulse Output
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Emlite 1-ph GSM Smart Meter

Designed specifically for the collection of micro-generation metering data, EMGSM1 provides remote collection of meter readings especially generation metering of wind, solar and any other renewable energy installations. The meter is of modular construction and allows a range of communication modules to be fitted to allow for future developments in remote metering. The meter is a fully MID approved device and can provide functionality over and above that required for generation metering making it suitable for many other applications. Additional functionality includes Time-of-Use Rate Switching, Power Quality Recording, Active (kWh) and Reactive (kvarh) energy measurement across both import and export. The overall solution has been designed to minimise installation time and reduce the need for return maintenance visits. An indication of the GSM signal strength is provided on the meter display and in the cases where a network resilient SIM is fitted, the number of available networks is provided. This single display allows the installer to leave site confident that the installation is fully operational with a robust communication link. Comes supplied with a SIM card.   To read these smart meters remotely you will need MeterOnline unless you have your own AMR system
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emlite 3-ph generation meter, 100A (1000 pulse/kWh)

The new EMP1-AZ is part of the Emlite three phase metering range. They are superb meters for a vast different applications where basic metering is needed. They are of high quality and construction and has features normally found in more expensive meters.
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End clamp Rapid2+ 28 – 39mm – Black

Rapid2+ aluminium module clamps, assembled
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Geo Solo III 1-ph Meter, Hub and Web Service Plus Display

The Solo III PV is designed for installers looking for a hassle-free installation, reliable and meter accurate information and an engaging user interface for the customer. The Solo III picks up and displays generation, usage, import and export information helping end users get the most out of their solar PV system. The system uses the geo energynote® online service and an optional in-home display.monitor, Green Energy Options, Personal Display
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Iskra 3-ph GSM generation meter

The specific model of this meter is MT382-D2. It includes these features: -        Extensive anti-tampering features -        Customer port for in-house display (RJ11) -        Secure communication with encryption and authentication -        Integrated demand/response functions -        DLMS protocol for easy integration -        Import/export energy measurement -        Maximum current capacity: 120A This meter supports direct-wiring only and is not compatible with CTs. This meter includes a roaming SIM that is pre-registered with Meter Online. In order to choose a suitable data subscription and activate the SIM, go to
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ISKRA MT174 CT – 3-ph CT Operated Generation Meter

3 Phase 4 wire Import\Export MID approved Pulsed Output   Three-Phase Static Electricity Multi Tariff Meter with Maximum Demand Indicator and Load-profile   THIS METER REQUIRES CTs TO OPERATE.
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